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  • Maple Burl width:434;;height:540
  • Cocobolo Vase width:720;;height:479
  • Cocobolo Vase and legs w/leather and horsehair width:423;;height:540
  • Elm width:720;;height:508
  • Elm width:720;;height:417
  • Oak Burl width:720;;height:368
  • Oak Crotch Section width:329;;height:540
  • Oak Vase width:520;;height:540
  • Maple Burl width:524;;height:540
  • Maple Burl width:529;;height:540
  • Spalted Bay Laurel width:582;;height:540
  • PNG Rosewood w/African Blackwood pierced inlay width:720;;height:540
  • Flame Birch w/ Cocobolo turned/Carved Lid and Finial width:720;;height:540
  • width:720;;height:423
  • width:720;;height:424
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